Aldermore wants government action for haulage industry

Aldermore wants government action for haulage industry

haulage industry

Aldermore has called on the government to help hard-pressed UK haulage firms by addressing what it calls the 3 Ps.

These are:

Postpone – the planned 3p increase in diesel fuel duty on 1st August
Parity – create greater equality between fuel prices in the UK and the rest of Europe
Promote – the importance of the haulage industry to the British economy

“The Chancellor has stated that he wants to increase the value of UK exports to £1 trillion this decade,” explained Damon Walford, managing director of Aldermore Invoice Finance.

“However, without a competitive haulage industry the Chancellor’s dream will not be realised and the UK economy will remain under threat.

“Aldermore believes the transport industry needs help now, which is why we’re calling on government to take action before high fuel costs bring the sector to its knees. We want the Chancellor to postpone the proposed 3p increase in the duty on diesel in August; look for ways to create greater parity between UK and European fuel costs; and promote the importance of the haulage industry to the UK economy.”

The bank says that the UK transport industry, which accounts for more than 50,000 transport firms and approximately 425,000 vehicles, will come under increasing pressure as diesel prices rise to nearly 150p per litre (£6.82 per gallon) from 1st August.

Walford said: “The haulage industry is too important to the future success of the UK economy for it to be put at a competitive disadvantage by cripplingly high fuel costs. Aldermore is doing its bit to help by enabling haulage operators to save 3p per litre on diesel over the course of a year by using our new fuel card. We believe the government now needs to do its bit to support this strategically important sector and we’re encouraging as many people as possible to lobby their local MP – which can easily be done via a link on the Fair Fuel UK website – to make them aware of the importance of more competitive fuel pricing.”

Aldermore’s fuel card, which can be used in over 1900 refuelling stations across the country, is also combined with an invoice finance facility, meaning that firms can release cash tied-up in unpaid invoices to pay their fuel bills.

Geoff Dunning, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, said: “We’re delighted Aldermore is helping to raise awareness of these important issues. A strong and competitive haulage industry is essential for the recovery of the UK economy and will benefit the many thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the country.”

“Fuel prices affect everyone, not simply because of the cost of filling our cars at the pumps, but also because of the impact fuel prices have on goods sold on the high street,” explained Peter Carroll for Fair Fuel UK. “It’s great to see Aldermore supporting our campaign and being willing to help British businesses fight against factors which reduce their competitiveness.”