AMI sets up FSA review working party

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has formed a Working Party of its members to consider the major issues facing the mortgage market.

The Working Party will help shape AMI’s response to the FSA’s mortgage Discussion Paper, expected in late September or early October. This follows the speech by Lord Turner, FSA Chairman, in May setting out the initial thinking of the regulator.

As part of AMI’s engagement with the FSA’s review, the Working Party will feed into three papers. The papers will cover the wider macro market issues, Conduct of Business rules and affordability

Robert Sinclair , director of AMI, said: “[The] FSA is already developing a view of the regulation necessary to manage the mortgage market. It is critical that intermediaries provide a strong and coherent message in advance of the Discussion Paper later this year. This Working Party will allow us to build on views expressed in the member consultation on mortgage regulation we ran in May and June this year.