Assetz Capital reaches £300m secondary market trading milestone

Assetz Capital reaches £300m secondary market trading milestone

Peer-to-peer firm Assetz Capital has facilitated trading in second-hand loan parts of £300 million on its secondary market since its inception.

Trades on the secondary market (or aftermarket) have given investors access to loans in Assetz Capital’s various non-access accounts, including the Manual Loan Investment Account, Great British Business Account and Green Energy Income Account. S

In addition to the £300 million worth of loan units traded on the aftermarket, investors opting for the Access Accounts (such as the 30 Day Access Account or Quick Access Account), have traded more than £400m in redemptions.

To date, 28% of Assetz Capital’s loans have been traded through the aftermarket.

Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, said: “We’re proud to be one of the few peer-to-peer lenders to have such an active secondary market which is vital as our nascent industry continues to grow and mature. It is both important for investors to know that when they invest they are potentially holding loan investments to term (from one to five years typically) but at the same time, we think investors need sensible and low costs of accessing their capital early if necessary, subject to other lenders wanting to buy their loans. We have enabled this to a great scale and continue to charge zero fees on such access or aftermarket trades.”