Banks face public wrath over lack of lending

Estate agents have claimed that the British public is furious with banks and building societies for preventing home ownership.

The independent survey of 1800 people commissioned by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) found that more than half (58%) believed banks must begin lending more if the UK is to pull out of the property slump.

Almost a quarter of people (22.5%) said that they were unable to find a mortgage that they qualified for anywhere in the market.

And 56% of those polled believed that a combination of relaxed restrictions and lower deposit requirements would increase the chance of them buying a property.

Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the NAEA, warned that banks risked stifling the market’s recovery and that the Government should pressure them into lending.

He said: &quotWe cannot let the banks convince us that shutting up shop when it comes to mortgage lending is a responsible move.

&quotThe decision to restrict mortgages so severely is rooted in self interest. The Government must do more to put pressure on those banks that are refusing to lend, while highlighting those banks that are easing restrictions to help get the economy moving again.

&quotIt is time to accept that responsible lending to responsible people is necessary for the country.

&quotIt is no secret that many people consider bankers to be responsible for the mess the economy is in. The very least they should do is to take appropriate steps to help us to recover.&quot