Blemain bridging products added to packager’s panel

Packager Melton Intermediary Services has added Blemain Group’s bridging finance products to its panel.

All short term funding from Blemain Group is available on an ‘any status’ basis with 24 hour payouts possible and 100% funding for borrowers who are able to offer additional security. Terms on offer range from one to 15 months.

Melton Intermediary Services offers intermediaries access to a full range of lending products including residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, buy-to-let and secured loans, and also has existing relationships with the Blemain Group companies for each of these loan categories.

Katie Pettingill of Melton Intermediary Services said: “In conjunction with our own extensive packaging experience we are confident that this new relationship with Blemain Group will enable introducers to access a fast