Bridging and loan growth for Enterprise Finance

Bridging and loan growth for Enterprise Finance

Enterprise Finance

Enterprise Finance has claimed that in the first half of this year the number of bridging loans it completed was 20% higher than the equivalent period in 2011.

The gross lending volume of bridging loans during the first six months of the year was 130% higher than H1 2011.

In addition, the overall number of secured loans arranged was 40% higher while gross lending volumes rose by 55%.

The distributor did not disclose actual volumes.

“This first half data confirms what most in the short-term finance industry already know: the bridging sector is experiencing rapid growth,” said Danny Waters, CEO, Enterprise Finance.

“There is not only more demand relative to a year ago, but the loans people are taking out are also a lot bigger on average, which reflects both borrower and specialist lender appetite. While the secured loans sector is still a shadow of its former self, it has certainly come back from the brink. Cheaper rates and improved supply from new and existing lenders have injected all-important liquidity into the sector.

“We expect secured loans to be particularly robust in the short to medium term, as loan availability increases to meet strong demand.”