Bright Grey and Scottish Provident outline G-Day plans

Bright Grey and Scottish Provident outline G-Day plans

gender equality

Bright Grey and Scottish Provident have confirmed their process for dealing with gender neutral pricing.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) gender directive has to be implemented by 21 December 2012.

“Bright Grey has a dedicated section, including FAQs on and Scottish Provident has set up a dedicated website at,” explained Roger Edwards, proposition director of Bright Grey & Scottish Provident.

“These will remind advisers of the deadline to ‘G-Day’ and give marketing support to help them explain the impact to their clients, making our strategy for managing business clear as well as continuing to promote the opportunities involved.

“However, we are confident the gender directive will not affect our underwriting in any way. Policies must have started by 20 December 2012 to qualify for gender differentiated rates, so we will not offer our usual pipeline process. We are testing our systems before putting together a definitive plan for cases in pipeline on 21 December 2012 and will let you know more about this nearer the time. In the meantime advisers should look out for updates on the gender directive part of our websites.

“One thing which we can’t do, for competitive reasons, is to give advance examples of what prices will be after G-Day. It is worth reiterating that we hope women, in particular, take advantage of our current pricing plans before the gender directive comes into force.”