Brightstar marks World Mental Health Awareness Day

Brightstar marks World Mental Health Awareness Day

Brightstar staff joined together on Tuesday (10 October) to raise awareness and raise funds for one of its supported charities for the year, Anxiety UK as part of World Mental Heath Awareness Day.

The focus for the day has been on raising awareness about and helping to deal with stress, with the team at Brightstar engaging a variety of activities.

Team members have tested out their cooking skills to contribute to ‘the Great British Brightstar Picnic’, an indoor picnic lunch. Ticket sales for the picnic have raised funds, as have donations for stress busting treatments such as head and hand massages, given by an on-site therapist in the Brightstar Wellbeing Room.

Educational awareness was raised through posters, leaflets and a social media campaign and team members have also been reminded about the firm’s corporate membership of Anxiety UK and the access that this gives them to helplines, support and services, wherever needed.

Through its Mental Health Action Plan, Brightstar continues to support Anxiety UK and Mind Basildon as their charities for the year and also to raise awareness about mental health issues both within and beyond the walls of Brightstar.