Brokers missing out with unplaced secured loan enquiries

The average mortgage intermediary comes across 14 secured loan enquiries per year, according to a poll conducted by Y3S.

The Cardiff-based brokerage found that half of these come about as a direct request from clients and the other half are offered as a result of a remortgage not being a suitable solution at the time.

Intermediaries that responded see on average 62 remortgage clients per year, 13 of whom they are unable to help and six that they would not offer a secured loan because they thought it would not be the best advice for them.

Over 90% of respondents said that having access to an online secured loan quotation system will help them earn more money next year.

Y3S polled more than 2000 registered users of its system in November.

Matt Cottle, a director of Y3S, said: “These results demonstrate that brokers see genuine value in being able to access quality secured loan products for their clients whenever they need to.