Brokers praise Promise Solutions’ Punjabi and Urdu service

Brokers praise Promise Solutions’ Punjabi and Urdu service

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Promise Solutions says it has been praised for its creation of a Punjabi and Urdu speaking team.

It claims secured loan introducers have hailed it as an “innovative and valuable” additional service.

Promise now has four experienced members of the loan and debt solution team who can speak Punjabi and Urdu.

“We set this service up aid Asian borrowers, and their brokers, when arranging a secured loan or exploring other debt solutions,” said Steve Walker, managing director of the secured loan master broker.

“The secured loan process is a specialist and complicated process. This has proven to be a valuable aid to brokers who deal with clients from the Asian community and Punjabi and Urdu speaking borrowers, who are not strong in speaking English. greatly appreciate the extra help and explanations they receive.

“The team who speak Punjabi and Urdu have on average eight years experience in secured loans. I would love to claim this new service was a strategic move but in reality we found that members of my team often needed to switch into a different language to help borrowers. It made sense to formalise everything and let our brokers know it was available to their clients.

“I’m not aware of any other national master brokerage offering this facility which, I suppose, is surprising given that Punjabi and Urdu are in the running for position as the second most spoken language in the UK and have overtaken Welsh as the UK’s second language.”

Shaun Wellings, director of Charles Maddison Partnership Ltd, added: “Promise dealt with a very complicated case and my client spoke very poor English. The team at Promise took over all discussions and explained everything in my client’s language to overcome some difficult obstacles. Without such specialism the case definitely would not have proceeded. It is a very impressive and unique service.”