Canopy partners with Humberts

Canopy partners with Humberts

Canopy has announced a new partnership with Humberts, which will increase the distribution of its DepositFree renting offer.

With partnerships already in place with Get Living, Hamptons International, Tipi (Quintain) and Atlas Residential, Canopy will now widen the reach of its RentPassport and DepositFree.

While removing the need for costly rental deposits, Humberts renters will also benefit from Canopy’s RentPassport, developed in partnership with Experian.

RentPassport gives renters a choice between cash or deposit-free renting and soon will provide access to a range of rental property related financial and non-financial services. Canopy TrustScore, based on both an Experian credit score and rental behaviour (e.g. paying rent on time and looking after rented property), will enable renters to build a rental history that will grow while they continue to rent and help improve their credit report.

Curran, McKay, director of business development at Canopy, said: “For more than 170 years, Humberts has established itself as a premier agent that combines its traditional service, knowledge & expertise whilst remaining at the forefront of innovation.

“Canopy is proud to be working with Humberts, using our RentPassport & DepositFree to provide the responsible, reliable tenants & comprehensive property protection that Humberts’ landlords rightly deserve.”

Suzanne Diamond, head of lettings at Humberts, added: “We are constantly looking to evolve our offering and provide access to the latest technology and procedures at a time when the lettings industry is experiencing a rapid period of change.

“Our partnership with Canopy is an excellent example of this: a pioneering service designed to give more flexibility and choice to our tenants and landlords.”