Copland moves up as Graves takes over Pink

LSL has announced two changes to the senior management team of financial services division.

David Copland has been appointed to a new role within LSL’s financial services business, becoming director of mortgage services.

He will have overall responsibility for LSL’s mortgage lender relationships, development of mortgage services across the entire financial services business, mortgage product development and the strategic direction of LSL’s DA distribution arms.

Meanwhile, Mark Graves will now run the Pink network. He will take on responsibility for the strategic development of the Pink AR network, the ongoing design and delivery of the Pink Appointed Representative service proposition and the delivery of profitable growth.

Jon Round, LSL Group financial services director, said: “As a result of the recent acquisitions and strong organic growth, LSL has become one of the largest mortgage distributors in the UK.

“Our strategy of retaining and developing the independent propositions of both First Complete and Pink has been a huge success, and both businesses have seen profitable growth as a result.

“We remain committed to this multi-brand approach but we recognise that as our business continues to grow, we will need a greater level of co-ordination across business functions to ensure we benefit from this larger scale. Both AR and DA distribution are extremely important to us and these changes will ensure that our senior management team are ideally aligned to support the continued growth of our business across every channel.”