DCLG figures highlight stagnant state of market

In November, UK house prices fell by 0.3% over the year whilst they remain unchanged over the month, according to latest data from the he Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

It found that the average mix-adjusted UK house price was £205,796 (not seasonally adjusted).

Average house prices increased by 0.2% over the quarter to November, compared to no change over the quarter to August (seasonally adjusted).

Meanwhile, average prices decreased during the year in all UK countries England (-0.1%), Wales (-1.6%), Scotland (-0.8%) and Northern Ireland (-11.7%).

Prices paid by first time buyers were 0.7% higher on average than a year earlier whilst prices paid by former owner occupiers decreased by 0.7%.

Prices for new properties were 7.7% higher on average than a year earlier whilst prices for pre-owned dwellings decreased by 0.9%.

Michael Brown, director of London-based estate agents, The Property Lounge, said: “These figures from the tail end of 2011 paint a decidedly sorry picture of the housing market. It’s like an exhausted athlete