Dev Malle leaves Personal Touch

Dev Malle leaves Personal Touch

David Carrington, Personal Touch

Personal Touch has put in place a new management team following the resignation of Dev Malle as its sales and marketing director.

The adviser network has also confirmed the introduction of its ‘Vision 2013’ strategic realignment project, designed to maximise future growth and development prospects in the post-RDR marketplace.

Max Wright, CEO will run the team and David Carrington is joining the firm in a newly expanded role of marketing director.

Carrington (pictured) is a former chief executive of Policy Plus and previously head of sales at Eagle Star.

With David’s strategic vision and expansive market knowledge providing the ideal complement to our new management team, we are now ideally positioned to drive forward with our ambitious future plans,” said Wright. “Sadly some people have chosen to say goodbye and I would like to thank Dev for his commitment to Personal Touch over the past six years and we wish him well in his new chosen path.

“Whilst the adviser sector has always had to cope with change, the unique circumstances which our industry now faces with the arrival of the RDR & MMR, coming at a time of worldwide economic austerity, must necessitate greater responsibility and realism from all involved. At Personal Touch we have over 1500 advisers and their clients supporting us. It’s therefore vital that we respond by showing our commitment to building a robust, streamlined new infrastructure to support the future success which we can all share a part of.”

In its investment and pensions operation, Personal Touch will operate a broad-based, restricted advice proposition with professionally qualified advisers supported by technology, compliance and business development resources.

Wright said: “It is essential that we give advisers confidence and security for the future. As such we have already put in place our PI policy for the next 12 months, underpinned by a commitment to robust compliance processes across the business. Testament to this is our commitment to ensuring our existing Investment & Pensions Advisers are thoroughly prepared for life under the RDR.

“Results to date are very encouraging in this area with an 85% exam pass rate achieved by our advisers against the industry average. We are applying the same commitment to MMR.

“The next few years will bring many new challenges not just to our organisation but to the adviser sector as a whole. We believe the changes we have made and will continue to make as part of ‘Vision 2013’ have put us in a highly competitive and enviable position to support future growth and profitability.”