Enness seeks high net worth top spot

Enness Private Clients is aiming to broaden its high net worth offering in 2012.

The brokerage says it will be launching a specific referral service for brokers, IFAs and wealth managers and also developing a specific online service to cater for the growing number of referrals it receives from other finance professionals.

The high net worth specialist is also looking to increase the average loan size of the deals it places and increasing the level of business per adviser.

Other aims for the year include the development of its educational and resource support structures for those advisers and wealth managers looking to place large mortgage loans and the launch of a number of subsidiary arms that cater for different product sectors.

In 2011 Enness’ average loan size was £1.518 million, up from £1.076 million in the previous year. Enness is looking to increase this level and develop the amount of business written by each individual adviser over the course of 2012 in 2011 each Enness adviser completed, on average, £36.3 million of business.

Enness has also promised to “engage fully”” with the recently published Mortgage Market Review (MMR) consultation proposals principally those relating to high net worth borrowers. The firm recently gave its broad support of the FSA’s stance to operate a more tailored approach to the high net worth market.