Friends Life introduces microsite

Friends Life has launched a new microsite connecting advisers to information on the services that Protect+ customers can utilise from worldwide medical specialists, Best Doctors.

The microsite provides additional detail on the extra services that Friends Life has made available for those customers diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

Best Doctors was founded in 1989 by doctors from the Harvard University School of Medicine and has established a worldwide database of 50,000 medical specialists in over 400 different disciplines, who can provide advice and recommendations to members facing serious medical conditions.

Friends Life has worked in partnership with Best Doctors since November 2011 to provide customers with additional medical support and advice.

The new website is available at

“”Best Doctors can provide valuable reassurance for people diagnosed with a serious illness, helping with the many questions and concerns that they will have,” said Steve Casey, head of intermediary propositions at Friends Life.

“This is a valuable addition to our Protect+ product range, which includes critical illness, income protection and all of our term assurance products, and underlines our commitment to providing customers with the best services to assist them in difficult times.”