Halifax removes upfront fees on certain products

Halifax removes upfront fees on certain products


Halifax has removed upfront fees on a range of two-year fixed rate remortgage products.

The offer is available on all Halifax two year fixed rate remortgages at 0-60%, 60-75%, 75-80%, 80-85% LTV.

The no upfront fees offer includes the product fee (range up to £995), mortgage account fee (£265) and standard legal fee (£200).

Free legal and valuations are available across the whole Halifax remortgage range.

The deal is only vailable through Halifax branches between 19 July – 2 September 2012

“The attraction of remortgaging is the peace of mind it provides homeowners of knowing exactly what you are going to pay each month,” said Stephen Noakes, mortgage director at Halifax.

“Upfront costs can add up when remortgaging, unlike new buyers who factor in these costs, homeowners looking to remortgage can sometimes get caught out. By offering this to our remortgage customers we are helping alleviate the associated costs with remortgaging.”

Last week Halifax reduced all of its two-year fixed and tracker products for remortgage customers by 0.20 percentage points.