HBS offers direct product marketing aids

Home Buyer Systems has upgraded its sales-aid tools.

It now provides a ‘beginning to end sales process’ for brokers – a standard facility for users of the Home Buyer System and HBSLite.

The Home Buyer sales aids are marketing tools for brokers to use to explain to customers how direct-to-lender mortgage products can be more competitive than comparable intermediary products, therefore justifying a broker fee.

Richard Angliss, managing director of Home Buyer Systems, said: &quotMortgage brokers must remain flexible in the fast-moving mortgage marketplace and adapt their sales strategies quickly to meet the current market conditions. There is now a high level of awareness that direct-to-lender products can often be the cheapest option for borrowers, so many more brokers are looking to offer whole of market sourcing, including direct to lender products.

&quotBorrowers are, for the most part, not familiar with the current dynamics of the marketplace and often prefer to use an adviser who can supply the human touch. Our upgraded sales aids are designed to make the issues clear to customers &ndash including the reasons why broker admin fees need to be charged &ndash and to stimulate customer interest in using the broker’s services.

&quotBrokers need sales processes to sell direct products alongside Intermediary ones. Simply providing direct products in sourcing systems causes more problems than it solves. Home Buyer is the only company to understand this and provide it.

As further evidence of this we will be announcing even more developments in the coming weeks.&quot