Income payment protection opportunities from PPI ‘ban’

Income payment protection opportunities from PPI ‘ban’

Financial advice

The ban on selling payment protection insurance (PPI) alongside a loan actually provides a “significant opportunity” for financial advisers, financial research company Defaqto has claimed.

It says advisers can write policies that cover not just loan repayments but also a percentage of income as well – and focus on addressing clients’ wider protection needs.

Therefore, there is still a strong case for income protection insurance, a theme throughout Defaqto’s latest Insight Paper on Opportunities in Protection Post-PPI.

“Research suggests that much of the population may have no protection for their borrowings and lifestyle expenses, which could leave them in serious financial difficulty if they couldn’t work,” said Ben Heffer, Defaqto’s insight analyst for life and protection.

“Therefore, the point of sale prohibition of PPI actually presents real opportunities for advisers to capitalise in the income protection market.

“Upgrading clients’ PPI coverage from just their mortgages or loan payments to include their income is an avenue worth exploring. Furthermore, upgrading cover to a permanent long-term income protection policy also establishes a firm foundation for the rest of their financial planning.

“In addition, recommending income protection to clients can also protect the adviser’s own business – if clients’ incomes are protected, in the event of sickness or disability, they may be able to afford to continue with the financial plan the adviser has arranged for them.”