Kuflink’s P2P ISA benefiting bridging funding

Kuflink’s P2P ISA benefiting bridging funding

Kuflink, which launched a P2P ISA along with two other specific investment options to investors at the beginning of July, has reported an “enthusiastic response” from investors.

The firm says there has been strong interest in the new property backed ISA with a particular accent on existing ISA holders transferring into the Kuflink ISA.

The Auto-Invest and ISA options include one, three and five-year terms paying 3.99%, 5% and 5.35% pa gross respectively. The ISA is tax free.

They all provide finance for a range of intermediary introduced deals proposed by sister company Kuflink Bridging on the Kuflink platform.

Narinder Khattoare, Kuflink Bridging’s director said: “Access to consistent funding has been an issue for some lenders in the past. After the Brexit vote, certain lenders relying on access to corporate funders found their supply restricted or cut off. Having multiple streams of funding is vitally important in today’s market and that is why Kuflink has diversified and added a P2P source.

“Introducers to Kuflink Bridging can be sure that when they come to us, the funding will be competitive and just as importantly it will be available.

“Looking at the opportunity for investors, with general savings interest rates so low, savers searching for better returns are turning to this type of investment. The opportunity to invest knowing that they have the security of a fixed rate and therefore knowing what their income will be in advance, is making Kuflink’s offering particularly attractive.”