Lead Co-op unveils PMI service

Lead Co-op has launched Private Medical Insurance leads.

Intermediaries using Lead Co-op can now purchase private medical insurance leads as well as mortgage and term assurance leads.

Lead Co-op allows advisers to see the website the lead comes from and how it was generated. Advisers can increase or decrease their bids for different sources.

Lead Co-op also publishes a ‘source rank’ which shows its top 10 performing websites.

Advisers can buy as many or as few leads as they want and control when they purchase them by switching on and off, or setting automatic account timings to do this for them. Advisers choose the product type, postcode area and mortgage or cover amounts they want and will be able to choose from individual, family or business PMI leads. Leads are real time and exclusive with full upfront express consent.

Simon Baker, managing director of Lead Co-op, said: “Although we are seeing very positive signs of economic recovery feeding through into the mortgage market