Leads: for and against

Is lead generation for you?
While it might sound strange coming from a lead provider, buying leads is not for everyone and there are lots of advisers that should probably steer clear of lead generation altogether. Unlike many forms of marketing and even many business expenses there is a very clear correlation between what you spend on leads and what revenues you make and therefore whether that spend has been worthwhile.
In fact part of the reason that lead generation still has a patchy reputation in the adviser community is that in the past, many lead providers have been too quick to take adviser’s money knowing full well that they are unlikely to make lead generation work. The result has been that there have been lots of lead buyers that have lost money buying leads and have shared their experiences with others. So does this mean that lead generation doesn’t work? The answer is a definite “no”” and there hundreds if not thousands of companies using leads as a significant part of their new business strategy from small firms spending a few hundred pounds a month to those spending tens of thousands of pounds each week.