L&G Mortgage Club links with IN Partnership

Legal & General Mortgage Club has undertaken a new strategic mortgage trading relationship with IN Partnership.

Mortgage advisers of IN Partnership will have access to a wider range of lenders and products than before.

IN Partnership has around 450 IFAs and mortgage brokers who completed in excess of £1.8 billion of lending in 2011.

Kevin McDonagh, chief executive IN Partnership, said: “We are committed to our members having access to the widest possible range of mortgage products on the best possible terms, in order that they can satisfy their clients’ needs. There have been a lot of changes in the intermediary sector over the last few years and we felt we needed to further expand our options and facilities to our members.

“Our new relationship with Legal & General Mortgage Club brings more choice, value and convenience to our members and also widens and strengthens the strategic engagement we already have with Legal & General across other product lines.”

Ben Thompson, managing director, Legal & General Mortgage Club, added: “IN Partnership is precisely the type and quality of business that we want to be striking closer links with. It is clear that lenders are increasingly going to look at the quality of mortgage distribution and will reward those that can demonstrate high standards as well as of course scale.

“The link with IN Partnerhship will help us to build further volume and quality to the Club, as well as provide us the opportunity to work with their management to look at ways to unlock new financial planning opportunities for their members and IN Partnership. We are delighted to be working together.”