LifeQuote unveils customisable D2C protection platform

LifeQuote unveils customisable D2C protection platform

LifeQuote has launched a new direct to consumer service for advisers with an upgraded specification.

The customisable web based service allows advisers to offer clients or prospects a D2C protection platform on their website for those who want to investigate the prices of life policies and may not want a fully intermediated service.

For an initial investment of £499 and £49 per month, advisers will receive a mobile and tablet responsive protection platform that is fully branded to their company and can be embedded into any adviser linked sites.

The protection platform provides a panel of protection insurers covering a range of term and CI policies and, depending on the online results, clients will be able to obtain a quote immediately, including simple term with an ‘instant cover’ option.

The platform allows customers to go back to their partially completed applications, should they be interrupted for any reason, whilst completing the application online.

Neil McCarthy, sales and marketing director at LifeQuote, said: “Advice will of course remain essential for many clients and products. However, advisers are seeing more opportunities to support some customers in the same way that they interact with other online purchases.

“It is possible to provide some guidance and then let those clients, who would prefer to go away, and either scope their options before returning to the adviser, or buy online through the adviser’s platform. Either way the adviser retains commission and, more importantly, the client’s protection needs are safeguarded.

“The platform also immediately notifies an adviser if someone using the service drops out, enabling the adviser to contact the customer directly. Alternatively, LifeQuote can make contact on their behalf.”