Mortgage Brain increases headcount

Mortgage Brain increases headcount

Mortgage Brain has recruited 15 new members of staff over the past year to support its business growth and product development.

The firm invests over 40% of its expenditure each year into product development and the new staff will support the ongoing roll out of new technology and new capabilities to its growing customer base.

Mark Lofthouse, CEO of Mortgage Brain, said: “We are here to deliver the best possible products and service for the benefit of all in the mortgage industry. As a result of our continued investment more and more customers are choosing Mortgage Brain for the provision of their technology and our investment in our products, people and service is central to this.

“Our continuous product development strategy means that we are making more capabilities available within our existing product suite, with recent examples being the digital client journey and a comprehensive commissions suite in the Key and the integration of second charge sourcing into our sourcing systems.

“We are also developing new, associated products and services for the benefit of our customers and partners such as ConveyancingBrain and LoansBrain.”

The total headcount at Mortgage Brain now stands at 123 across its offices in Croydon, London and Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Lofthouse added: “Delivering the best possible customer service in the way our customers would like to engage with us is essential.

“And it’s more than just more people. We have introduced more ways to deliver excellent levels of customer service including live chat, webinars and videos in addition to the traditional face to face, phone and email support routes.

“With technology advancing at an ever increasing pace, continuous investment is critical to our future success and that of the businesses that have put their faith in us. It goes without saying then that there is much, much, more on the way.”