Mortgage Pro claims to ‘rewrite’ how advisers are paid

Mortgage Pro is using broker fee payment as a hook for recruiting new advisers.

The national mortgage and protection brokerage says part of the package it is offering is the payment of broker fees as soon as the offer is produced by the lender.

Mortgage Pro currently has 15 vacancies for experienced professionals based in Manchester, Yorkshire, Coventry, Reading, Bristol, South Wales, Outer North London and Home Counties.

George Dodds, managing director of Mortgage Pro said: “At Mortgage Pro we are rewriting the way in which advisers are paid. For too long, advisers have had to wait until their company decides to pay them. This can be weeks or even months after completion and from the evidence we have seen, many companies are holding on to what is rightfully owed for far too long.

“Frankly, this is either just symptomatic of cashflow issues or simply a clear sign of the complete contempt in which some firms are holding advisers.

“Of course, getting paid on time is only part of the story if the leads being generated are not up to scratch. At MortgagePro we not only provide fully vetted leads, which have been thoroughly qualified in advance, but we actually make the appointments, so the consultant has meetings based around his geographical area at a time which suits him and our prospective clients.”