Move with Us joins forces with RAM

Move with Us has partnered with RAM, the Residential Asset Management company, to launch PRIAM, a new business aimed at providing property asset management consultancy and services to organisations with large residential property portfolios.

PRIAM will offer consultancy services to corporate clients and companies with residential property portfolios, focussing on managing risk for those responsible for delivering returns to investors, trustees, beneficiaries or shareholders.

Anthony Radford, product development director at Move with Us, said: “PRIAM has been created to provide a bespoke, first class and independent residential asset management service to fund managers looking after large residential portfolios.

“Working with RAM, we recognised that we could combine our extensive knowledge and experience and offer management services and strategic advice to corporate clients and organisations, having noticed a gap in the market for this type of service. Whether clients are buying new units, divesting of property assets either inhabited or vacant, maximising occupancy and rental values or perhaps refurbishing stock, PRIAM will provide the expertise to help achieve the best outcomes.”

Andrew Leslau, chief executive at RAM, added: “Move with Us has an excellent track record of property management as well as efficient processes and systems already in place. This, combined with RAM’s asset management knowledge, means that PRIAM is well placed to offer complete and professional services to those in need of asset and property management services.”

“RAM has already held a successful relationship with Move with Us having worked together for over four years now to manage a successful portfolio of 3,500 residential properties throughout the UK. We look forward to continuing to work with them in this new venture.”