My Care Consultant becomes LLA Ambassador

My Care Consultant becomes LLA Ambassador

The Later Life Academy (LLA), the commercial and training organisation for later life advisers, has announced My Care Consultant (MCC), specialists in the planning and provision of long-term care, as its latest Ambassador.

MCC offers specialist advice to clients to provide breathing space and clarity, and help in navigating a clearer, less stressful path towards affordable and suitable care.

MCC does this by looking at a number of key client areas focusing on preserving their wealth, helping them claim the State benefits that are rightfully theirs, educating them on their care funding options, finding the right care provider for their needs, and ensuring all their affairs are in order. Clients can choose from a telephone consultation or a bespoke report and received tailored solutions to their care needs.

As full Ambassadors, MCC will have significant input into the Academy’s corporate thinking and the ongoing development of the overall proposition, as well as helping to define future content. The Academy will work with MCC to help develop and shape its long-term care materials for advisers.

Stuart Wilson, managing partner at the Later Life Academy, said: “We are very pleased to be working with our latest Ambassador, My Care Consultant. The team at MCC understands the need to provide a unique and supportive service that will enhance the options our members can offer their clients.

“At what can be a very distressing and sensitive time for clients facing the need for care, it’s absolutely vital we work closely with a service that reviews and presents the options in a way people can understand, and takes the vital steps to ensure the right pathway is considered.”

Jacqueline Berry, director at My Care Consultant, added: “The care system is a complex area consisting of many different avenues, all needing to be explored and understood. This ‘care’ advice is not necessarily the role a financial adviser wants, nor can be expected to take on. We believe there is a proven requirement for independent support, one which links the consumer with the resources that they require.

“The role of our care consultants is to offer one point of contact to pull it all together and to then engage the appropriate resources, advice and services. The Later Life Academy recognises and understands these needs, and we are very happy to be supporting them and their advisers in helping them deliver this service to consumers.”