NatWest opens corporate range to DA clubs

NatWest opens corporate range to DA clubs

NatWest Intermediary Solutions

NatWest Intermediary Solutions has widened the selection mortgages that directly authorised (DA) firms have access to by opening its corporate range to DA mortgage clubs.

Intermediaries of DA firms will be able to submit applications for products in the corporate range through any mortgage club they choose.

“Operating in a rapidly changing market, it is essential that we take a measured approach to manage and control the volume and mix of business we receive and preserve our service standards,” said Mark Bullard, head of sales, NatWest Intermediary Solutions.

“We pledged to review the situation regarding which firms have access to the corporate range and now have the opportunity to widen that access to a sizeable chunk of the DA market.

“With the recent changes we have made to our product range, the dedicated support we can deliver through our field and phone BDMs and our streamlined service, we have a strong proposition to offer mortgage intermediaries.”

In March this year, NatWest Intermediary Solutions announced that its corporate range of mortgages would be available to a panel of selected AR firms only but that it would continue to monitor the situation and consider widening access to its corporate range in the future. Following a review in May, around 200 DA firms representing in the region of 1,000 individual brokers were given access to the corporate range.

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  1. Irate Broker

    About time. I suppose everything is now ok in the cosy little, completely blinkered and insular world the Nat West Policy Makers live in.
    Now making this out to be as a great offering to DA's, whereas it should have been with them first and before Networks or even their own branches.
    Mind you, everyone knows that Nat West have some wierd and wonderful ideas as to how the market should work, or indeed the interpretation of such basic words as "Independent".

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