New buy-to-let lender launches

New buy-to-let lender launches

A new lender has launched to market, saying it will lend on buy-to-let and other investment products.

White Knights Finance Ltd has joined forces with selected developers who produce properties which can often be sold under market value.

“Traditionally, buy to let lenders focus all their attention on the borrower, with a basic survey on the suitability of the property,” said Colin Warburton, director of White Knights Finance.

“After months of research we understand that this is actually a risky way to lend and as a result of this we shall focus our attention on the property.

“This will be an entirely new concept in the buy to let market allowing many people who’s pensions and saving are taking a nose dive and unable to obtain a buy to let property for many reasons a much better chance of investing for their futures.”

The business argues that it can help many smaller investors achieve a healthy return on their investment instead of being eroded by inflation.