New chief executive for the ASTL

New chief executive for the ASTL

Benson Hersch has been appointed as the new chief executive officer of the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL). He replaces Adrian Bloomfield.

Hersch has 14 years’ experience of the bridging sector and was the managing director of bridging lender, Cheval, until it was sold in 2006. He is a qualified chartered accountant with an economics and business degree and is currently a debtor administration and recovery consultant.

He will be attending the quarterly general meeting of members on Monday 25 June.

Hersch is looking to visit as many of the members as possible to take sounding over their thoughts for the ASTL’s future.

“The ASTL is a professional organisation that plays a very important role in the mortgage market, especially as long term finance is so hard to get at the moment,” said Hersch.

“Bridging finance is not just for the householder with a short term problem; but is often also a good business solution, especially for property developers.

“The ASTL needs a positive, high profile image; the bridging industry is often misunderstood and it is my role, and the role of the astl, to help correct this image.”