New flat fee deals from the Coventry

Coventry Intermediaries has launched a new range of offset and buy-to-let products with flat fees.

For example, it is offering at 65% LTV a 3.49% Flexx for Term deal, with a £199 booking fee and £1,800 arrangement fee with no early repayment charges and also a
3.69% Flexx for Term product with £199 booking fee, £1,300 arrangement fee and no early repayment charges.
Buy-to-let examples include (again at 65% LTV) two-year fixes at 3.75% (with £250 booking fee and £2,249 arrangement fee), 3.99% (with £250 booking fee and £1,749 arrangement fee) and 4.25% (with a £250 booking fee and £999 arrangement fee).

Colin Franklin , managing director of Godiva Mortgages, said: “This week we are launching a range of products ideal for those requiring a larger loan but still want a great rate.