Protection IFAs only slightly more confident than before

Legal & General’s fourth report in a quarterly series looking at IFA confidence levels in the Protection industry shows that advisers have not continued to grow in confidence at the same rate as last quarter. Despite this, current sales are in their best state all year.

The index tracks three key elements – current/ future sales, current/ future opportunities to discuss protection with potential clients, and current/ future ease (or difficulty) of converting those opportunities to sales.

Current protection sales index up four points to 113 Future sales index down by eight points to 129. (This shows how IFAs rate their current/ forecasted level of protection sales.)

Current opportunities index flat at 102 Future opportunities index up slightly by two points to 121. (This shows how IFAs rate their current/ forecasted level of opportunities to talk to people about protection.)

Current conversion index down three points to 110 Future conversion index up just one point to 120. (This shows how IFAs rate their current/ forecasted success at converting opportunities into sales.)

Martin Noone, IFA sales director said: “Protection IFAs are getting marginally more positive about their current level of protection sales and this has continued all year. However