Quarter of brokers ignorant over point of sale protection changes

28% of mortgage advisers are unaware that from 6 April 2012 they are not allowed to sell accident, sickness and unemployment style insurance products including PPI and MPPI at the point of sale of a mortgage, according to new research from LV=.

The sales ban is part of the Competition Commission’s PPI order which outlines how PPI can be marketed to customers how a PPI quote must be laid out and makes it mandatory for customers to receive an annual review setting out the cost of PPI.

The research, carried out by LV= amongst advisers at a mortgage broker expo, reveals that while 72% know the ruling is coming into place, 52% are not fully aware of what the new rules mean.

Meanwhile, 71% feel that there is not enough guidance given on how the new changes should be implemented.

However, 21% say that they have already reviewed their processes to ensure they are compliant and 31% say that they have allocated time and resources to preparing for the changes.

Mark Jones , LV= head of protection said: “The implementation date for these changes is now less than a month away and will have a significant impact on the way protection products can be discussed when people are buying a mortgage. It’s worrying that many mortgage advisers aren’t aware of what they need to review ahead of this ruling coming into force