Recruitment drive for Smart Money

Recruitment drive for Smart Money

Smart Money is seeking to recruit a number of advisers and case managers for its Cheshire and Glasgow offices as part of a wider expansion strategy.

The specialist finance broker want to hire advisers and case managers on both sides of the border with the necessary experience to underwrite cases to the highest possible standards and satisfy a range of introducer needs.

It says it is also extending its search beyond financial services for the right calibre of candidate to undergo an “extensive training regime”.

Paul Crewe, managing director at Smart Money, said: “As we all know recruitment isn’t easy and it’s imperative that we add smartly and selectively to our ranks as our people will always be at the heart of what we do. Experience obviously counts for a lot within specialist lending but it’s also essential that we attract new talent to the industry in order to progress as a firm, and as a sector.

“This is likely to be part of an ongoing recruitment process as we are constantly evaluating how and where we can provide the best quality service to all our introducers and lending partners. The growth of specialist lending will continue in 2018 and – as a forward-thinking company – it’s important that we mature alongside it in a responsible and accountable manner. There are many expansion plans in the pipeline and we look forward to the new year with great anticipation.”