Revenue calculating tool added by LinX FS

LinX FS has added an income calculator tool to its website.

The new tool has been added to the LinX FS website to determine the increased revenue capability for brokers who join LinX FS and utilise its unique online consumer platform partner All My Plans.

The income calculator will evaluate all potential sales activity for existing databases to illustrate how earnings can be bolstered over a four year period.

Intermediaries can also use the online tool to work out how much extra income can be generated from any number of new clients across a variety of financial services offerings.

LinX FS calculates that on a typical database of 200 clients, a broker will see an increase of £20,000 income in the second year.

LinX FS is a new hybrid proposition providing mortgage brokers with the technology to introduce investment and other financial service products direct to their customer. In turn the client receives a free financial toolkit providing up to date valuations on their investments, a document storage system and price comparison site.

Bob Hope, director at LinX FS, said: “Many brokers currently have a great relationship with their clients but are now limited as to what they can sell given the slowdown in the mortgage market. At LinX FS we look to aid brokers in maximising this relationship not only to help their clients have access to a greater range of financial services products but also to help boost income levels. We have already used this calculator with a number of brokers and I’m pleased to say that they are all very excited about the potential of what they can earn both now and in the future.””