Scots seek to get tough with antisocial tenants

The Scottish government has proposed radical changes to the way 600,000 houses in the social rented sector are allocated and managed.

This follows lobbying by landlords and tenants alike.

These changes would particularly affect the 128,000 households on social housing lists, the Scottish government said.

Councils and housing associations would be given greater flexibility over housing allocations, to consider any property applicants’ own as well as their income so that social housing goes to those who need it most.

Proposals published today would also give councils and housing associations more tools to tackle antisocial behaviour. The measures would allow previous antisocial behaviour to be taken into account in the allocation of housing and antisocial tenants losing their tenancy rights. The consultation also asks whether and how the process for evicting the worst offenders should be simplified.

In response to calls for change, proposals would also result in all new social tenants getting a probationary tenancy for a year before a full Scottish Secure Tenancy is given.

Scottish housing minister Keith Brown said: “Landlords and tenants lobbied hard for changes to the way affordable rented housing is allocated and managed. We have listened and these proposed changes reflect