Semi-exclusive offer from TMA

The Mortgage Alliance is offering two semi-exclusive two-year fixed rate homebuyer and remortgage products from Abbey for Intermediaries alongside a number of re-priced four-year fixed rate deals from Abbey for Intermediaries and Alliance and Leicester

The two semi-exclusive deals consist of a two-year fixed rate homebuyer product and a two-year fixed rate remortgage product. Both deals have a headline rate of 4.09% available until 2 December 2011 after which they will revert onto Abbey’s standard variable rate which currently stands at 4.24%. They are available for all customers with a loan-to-value of up to 70% and a maximum loan size of £1 million

The product comes with a total booking fee of £995, a product early redemption charge of 3% and no higher lending charges

The APR for the homebuyer product is 4.3% with a cashback ERC repayable to 2 September 2011 and includes a free valuation – up to a property maximum of £2.5m – and a £250 cashback. The completion deadline is 26 February 2010

The APR for the remortgage product is 4.4% and includes a free valuation – up to a property maximum of £2.5m – and standard legal fees paid. Standard legal fees ERC (max £200) are repayable up until the 2 September 2011. The completion deadline is 31 December 2009.