Specialist market “still buoyant”

Specialist market “still buoyant”

Complete FS has seen enquiries and applications for specialist lending increase over the past two quarters with new business applications 40% ahead of the same period in 2016.

The South Coast based distributor has seen particularly strong enquiry levels for bridging loans and specialist first charge mortgages.

“Overall lending volumes might be stagnant or down but we need to look beyond the headlines and see how buoyant the rest of the lending market is,” said Tony Salentino (pictured), director at Complete FS.

Complete FS holds its 15th annual Specialist Lender Expo on 21 September at the Ageas Hilton Hotel, Southampton with over 30 specialist providers and a panel debate with senior industry figures taking part, including Alan Cleary from Precise Mortgages; Keith Street, head of Kensington Mortgages; Marylen Edwards, head of buy-to-let lending at Axis Bank; Adrian Maloney, sales director at One Savings Bank and Hans Geberbauer, CEO of Foundation Home Loans.

Salentino added: “Mainstream lenders are finding the going tougher as they have been able to be particularly choosy about the business they will accept because of high demand. However, there is so much more competition for that low hanging fruit on which they have been relying.

“I think we are seeing that they will have to look at their credit profile driven underwriting, if those volumes are not going to deteriorate further. But this is good news for those advisers who can see the value in the specialist lending market.

“Headlines about business volumes falling, focus in the main on the mainstream market. However, the demand for borrowing facilities has not suffered. In fact, there is growing demand for first and second charge mortgages, bridging, commercial and buy-to-let.

“The only difference is that the clients either do not fit the rigid profile on the high street or they are not getting a swift enough service from mainstream providers.

“Rather than worry about the headlines, remember this is actually a golden time for advisers who are prepared to look beyond the high street. There is so much more opportunity to help clients with their finance needs and so many borrowing options available through Complete FS and our peers. Book yourself a seat at our Expo and I guarantee you will leave in a much more positive state of mind.”