SRB compliance service unveiled

Compliancy Services has launched a specialist sale and rent back (SRB) arm.
It aims to support firms which are either operating in or looking towards the SRB market with the FSA’s regulatory requirements.
Compliancy Services warns that all firms operating in the sale and rent back sector should expect to have to meet tough standards of business conduct in order to achieve full authorisation and a good quality compliance support package will go a long way to gaining and maintaining these standards.
Ben Mason, director at Compliancy Services, said: “The sale and rent back market provides an exciting opportunity for firms operating in or looking towards this sector but inevitably this will involve making some substantial changes to their current business practices for firms who are not fully up-to-speed on FSA requirements. The FSA is likely to insist on a much more transparent sales processes and full disclosure. There are not many detailed rules at present