Standard Life explains tax changes

Standard Life has held a series of seminars in order to explain tax changes to the UK’s financial services community.

A panel from Standard Life spoke to more than 580 financial professionals at 12 events around the country, from Bournemouth through to Glasgow.

The events were an opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the regulatory changes that have been introduced in the new tax year. The seminar provided the attendees details on the tax implications when using different savings vehicles, including ISAs, offshore bonds and personal pensions.

Julie Hutchison, head of estate planning, Ian Mobley, Paul Lanigan both regional managers and Julie Curtis, technical manager at Standard Life provided details to help UK advisory community guide their clients through difficult financial planning scenarios including minimising inheritance tax payments, the use of trusts in estate planning and saving for university and school fees.

Hutchison said: “We’ve regularly toured our ProActive Business Seminars in the past three years and there has always been a very positive response from the attendees. The seminars sparked interesting and insightful debate from the country’s financial advisory community and hopefully they have taken with them valuable information that will benefit their business.