Surrey tops most valuable homes table

Surrey tops most valuable homes table

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Surrey’s homes are the most valuable in the UK’s at £288 billion, according to prime property website

This equates to 5.1% of the UK’s £5.6 trillion overall property wealth.

The county has both the highest total property value in the UK but also has the most property wealth per head at £255,125 each.

Dorset, Buckinghamshire and East Sussex all feature in the top 10 list of counties by property wealth per-head, which is dominated by the South of England.

Warwickshire in the West Midlands comes 10th, with individual property wealth of £145,431 and North Yorkshire comes 15th with £126,967 per head.

The South East holds the greatest property wealth on a regional level, accounting for nearly a third (30%) of the UK’s total property wealth. Its homes are worth £1.65 trillion – Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire and Kent all featuring in the top 10 counties by property wealth per head. London comes in second with just over £1 trillion, while the South West completes the top three with property wealth of £488 billion.

“Property wealth per head is driven by one key factor: demand,” said Nigel Lewis, property analyst at

“Homes in and around the capital will always be sought-after because of the increased population density in the South and its better employment opportunities.”