TDS sets new Academy course dates

TDS sets new Academy course dates

Deposit protection scheme, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), has announced new dates for its Academy courses, delivering training on tenancy deposit disputes and adjudication to agents and landlords.

TDS’ Foundation Course and Adjudication Workshops will be held in cities across the UK and will provide accredited Continued Professional Development (CPD) certification.

The Foundation Course is a full day training session focussing on the key points of tenancy deposit protection and is designed specifically for property managers, administrators, inventory suppliers and landlords. It will cover a range of topics covering legislation, tenancy agreements, check-in and check-out procedures, calculating damage and whether disputes are appropriate or not.

The Adjudication Workshop is a half-day course that teaches property professionals and landlords to ‘think like an adjudicator’. It will focus on TDS’ Alternative Dispute Resolution service, discussing various scenarios and case studies. Attendees will learn about the evidence an adjudicator looks for when making a decision on awarding a deposit as well as receiving tips for presenting a case and resolving disputes.

Michael Morgan, TDS’ director of dispute resolution, who hosts the Academy events, said: “As well as protecting tenancy deposits, TDS is committed to providing guidance and improving standards in the private rented sector. These courses will help landlords and agents around the country provide a higher quality service to their tenants and better protect their own investments.

“We often see cases where tenants raise the same arguments challenging the accuracy of check-in reports – claiming they never got one, never signed it, or that it did not show the property’s condition accurately. These are all issues that can be addressed in advance with good check-in and check-out procedures – and it’s not difficult to document that one has happened in the event of a dispute.

“Our courses are designed to help landlords and property managers to minimise the risk of a dispute arising by helping them create well-documented check-in and check-out reports, supported by good quality photographs.”

Courses will run throughout the year and into 2019, at the dates and cities below:

Foundation courses                                         Adjudication workshops

4 Apr – Durham                                                   25 Apr – Birmingham
2 May – London                                                   30 May – Canterbury
6 Jun – Cardiff                                                     27 Jun – Lincoln
11 Jul – Bristol                                                      25 Jul – Bournemouth
8 Aug – London                                                   22 Aug – Durham
5 Sep – Birmingham                                           26 Sep – London
3 Oct – Bournemouth                                         24 Oct – Liverpool
21 Nov – Lincoln                                                 28 Nov – Cardiff
Feb ‘19 – Liverpool                                             Feb ‘19 – London
Mar ‘19 – Canterbury                                         Mar ’19 – Bristol

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