Tenants will pay more for energy efficiency

Those looking to rent homes are becoming increasingly energy savvy, according to new research from energy company E.ON.

E.ON’s poll reveals that 75% of UK tenants see the energy efficiency of a home as the key factor when it comes to choosing somewhere to live.

Almost half of those tenants (48%) are prepared to pay higher rents to secure a home that minimises both their impact on the planet and their bills.

The search for greener homes is most obvious at the top end of the market, with two thirds (66%) of the wealthiest tenants and over half (60%) of 25 to 34 year-olds willing to pay more for energy efficient homes.

Despite tenants looking for energy efficient homes and being willing to pay extra for a greener abode, landlords appear woefully out of touch with tenant sentiment.

John Fawcitt, energy efficiency manager at E.ON, said: “Energy efficiency is a clear selling point for rental properties