Tenet to hold business risk seminars

Tenet has published details of its plans provide free seminars over the FSA’s plans for small firms.

The regulator is running a series of Business Risk Awareness Workshops around the UK, followed by a regulatory review for all smaller firms – either face-to-face, by phone or via an online or paper-based assessment.

In response to this, TenetSelect is offering a series of free seminars to principals of directly authorised firms, which it says will provide insight into the areas the FSA will cover, helping DA firms prepare for the review process and offering a neutral forum for all questions about business risk.

The first of these seminars will take place in Bristol on 22 March, with further seminars taking place throughout the year in the areas targeted by the regulator.

Jon Barham, head of sales, said: “These free business risk seminars aim to prepare firms for the review process and offer an opportunity for advisers to firm up any areas of uncertainty with our approachable expert team. They are open to any smaller DA firms in the South West.””