Test cases for CCA claims begin

Financial claims test cases have begun this week in the High Court Of Justice, Manchester. Claims firm Cartel Client Review is involved in the lead case, Atkinson v The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc.

Cartel says that during previous case management hearings, barristers representing the banks confirmed before HHJ Holman that the banks would accept the Judgments arising from this week’s test cases as precedents for the purposes of dealing with future financial claims without requiring the courts’ intervention.

Before the start of the hearing HHJ Waksman QC received requests from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) for permission to be included as an interested party.

Carl Wright, chief executive of Cartel Client Review said: “Those people involved this week seem to be of the opinion that the OFT’s request to be included this week is of great importance. My own view is that HHJ Waksman QC will accept all submissions made during the week and provide a Judgment based on the correct interpretation of the law.