The Cambridge introduces new app processing system

The Cambridge introduces new app processing system

Cambridge Building Society head office

The Cambridge Building Society has unveiled a new system to keep customers better informed about the progress of their mortgage applications.

MATS (Multi Application Tracking System), designed with technology firm MatsSoft, aims to make the processing of mortgage applications smoother for customers, mortgage intermediaries and employees.

It allows staff at the Cambridge to follow the progress of mortgage cases more closely than before and enables the sending of updates to customers and intermediaries – via text message, email and personalised web pages.

The system is now up-and-running within The Cambridge’s headquarters and across its 18 branches in the East of England.

“We identified ways to further improve our service to customers and intermediaries and the MATS system was able to bridge these gaps,” said Andy Lucas, the Cambridge’s commercial director.

“So far we have received great feedback from our customers and mortgage intermediaries and it has made a significant improvement to output levels of our employees.”

MatsSoft CEO Martin Scovell added: “We’re extremely pleased to announce the solution we have developed for The Cambridge, which will bring significant benefits to the organisation and its dedicated employees, and even more importantly the intermediaries and customers who use its services.

“The ultimate aim of our technology is to make life easier for companies, their staff and their customers by improving the end-to-end flow of information. We all know the stress that can arise from delays and lack of information but MATS addresses that directly in order to lift the burden from both employees and customers.”