The Furness extends Trust Your Broker campaign

The Furness extends Trust Your Broker campaign

The Furness Building Society has extended its campaign which supports the use of mortgage brokers.

Unlock a Mortgage is an addition to the Furness’ Trust Your Broker website, which is a jargon-free introduction for consumers to support broker applications. The information is intended to cover the basics of many mortgage types for differing circumstances, while answering fundamental mortgage questions that many consumers want answered.

The campaign aims to encourage brokers to direct new customers to the microsite as a source of information, while helping customers who are using a broker for their mortgage application.

The Society’s original Trust Your Broker campaign launched in January 2017 and included a microsite, social media activity, an animation and experiential outreach to consumers and intermediaries.

Sue Heron, marketing and sales director at the Furness Building Society, said: “The feedback we received following Trust Your Broker highlighted that there is a need and an appetite for this sort of helpful and informative online content, both for brokers and the consumers who use them. We hope that Unlock a Mortgage will continue to build on our success in this area and be an additional helpful digital tool for our intermediary channel.”

Last year also saw the launch of an online mortgage application offering from Furness, which the Society developed specifically for the intermediary channel, while in July 2017 they launched a new look and feel on a redesigned consumer-facing website.

Heron added: “We recognise that many people look to educate themselves online and shop around before making any big purchases or decisions, and we’d like to help those people. Unlock a Mortgage should prompt consumers to ask their brokers more questions and give them the confidence they need when embarking on their mortgage journey.”