VAS unveils new valuation panel

VAS unveils new valuation panel

Valuation Audit Services (VAS) is introducing a new, independent, valuation panel management company called VAS Panel.

It is designed to help property lenders with the instruction of loan security valuations throughout the country.

The move expands the VAS group which includes VAS Audit, an independent valuation auditing service, and VAS Software, a cloud based technology platform that provides lenders with the ability to manage their existing valuation panel or create a new one with assistance from VAS.

VAS Panel assists lenders in the instruction of loan security valuations from a hand-picked valuation panel with “entrusted” valuers across the country.  These range from established local practises to larger multi-disciplined valuation companies with offices nationwide.

It is aimed at all lenders, from assisting with the placement of a valuation where the lender does not have the time or coverage to do it themselves, to full panel management. It has been established by Stephen Todd and Gina May.

VAS Panel’s affiliated company, VAS Audit, is also available to perform valuation auditing, carried out by experienced surveyors.

Todd said: “The key to providing maximum value to our lender clients is to ensure their valuations are being placed with the most relevant and experienced valuers. The property lending market requires valuers to carry out a huge variety of different valuations ranging in complexity and specialisms, from a terraced house to a large scale development and everything in between.

“Being able to place valuations through our sophisticated panel and bespoke software, combined with a valuation auditing service, is unrivalled and will help our clients reduce property specific lending risks. Adding VAS Panel as a new service to further assist lenders therefore makes perfect sense.”

May added: “We pride ourselves on providing a fantastic customer service in all areas of the job. We are able to provide both lenders and brokers with a tailor-made service to an industry where speed is of primary importance.”