Y3S introduces miLoan 3.0

Y3S introduces miLoan 3.0

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Y3S has rolled out a new and updated version of miLoanbroker.com to mark the first anniversary of its sourcing system for secured and bridging loans.

The first iteration was launched in July 2011.

The firm says the latest set of upgrades include a smoother user interface, a ‘Quick fire’ underwriting question box, an improved case tracking system and brand new website plug-ins for secured loans and now bridging loans too.

Y3S says now users are instantly directed to the most popular parts of the system while less popular features have been relegated to drop down menus.

“Over 3,800 brokers have now signed up to take advantage of miLoan creating a new quote every 10 minutes of the working day,” stated Matt Cottle, Y3S director.

“Our users love the simplicity of the system that gives them the information they want when they need it knowing that their specialist underwriter is less than a click away should they need support.”

Cottle expects the current rate of growth to continue with around 10,000 users expected to be signed up to miLoan by the end of 2013.